Planet of the Afar


"Many other fossils of ancient times have been uncovered here, prompting some palaeontologists to propose that this area is where our specie s first evolved. As a result, it is often referred to as the "cradle of humanity"

The Ethiopian Afar tribe are living in an area that looks in nothing like  the rest of Ethiopia.For centuries long they have managed to live and work in one of the hottest place on earth including mineral landscapes, volcano’s and endless salt and lava lakes. The colourful non edited landscapes of the Dollal are full of iron, sulphur and plenty of other natural minerals that create an ever changing landscape. The temperature can go up to 60 degrees in the summer. Through evolution the Afar got used to the heat and dryness.

Some images are shot with an infrared lens which make the mages surreal and for me it really feels like being on another planet full of lava and salt. It is like you are in the earth or other planet alike. The big round boll express this feeling symbolically. The whole area is called the Danakil Depression.


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