Alice de Kruijs is a contemporary and fine art photographer based in The Netherlands. Her work frequently touches the subject of identity and diversity and aims to go against the standard ideals and showcase stories through culture and different ethnic backgrounds, her work is a celebration of these differences in culture. As her way of life, she loves to conceptually and symbolically tell stories. Usually by showing a different perspective on personal daily life struggles and stories.

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Rising sea levels due to climate change have severe consequences for coastal populations and ecosystems all around the world. 

Understanding sea-level rise is important for low-lying countries such as the Netherlands. It is of specific the interest for vulnerable ecological and morphodynamic regions, such as the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage region.


The Pacific Islands, home to the world's most diverse range of indigenous cultures, continue to sustain many ancestral life-ways. 

Fewer than 6.5 million in all, the peoples of Oceania possess a vast repository of cultural traditions and ecological adaptations. Oceania thus has the most to lose, from the pressures of global political issues and climate change, which leads to rising sea level in a high speed!

Countries such as Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Marshal Islands are already experiencing sea level rise where ocean flooding has washed saltwater onto agricultural lands and inundated sources of drinking water. These low-lying islands do not have forest cover therefore ocean level is rising at a much faster rate 



When I thought for the first time about creating a new body of work I started studying light and darkness. It is a wide subject which already inspires me for a long time. 

During my research period, I was taught that light and darkness moves in waves and exists of very many small parts. This magical structure is normal to us but as a photographer searching for light and darkness it is an inspiration and reason to express it in a photo story.  

Achievements: Winner COCA project 2020, finalist SIPA 2020, publications in L'oeil de la Photographie, PH museum, Bored Panda, Lensculture, ADF photo, Fashionista.


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