Alice de Kruijs

“She is also named NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2017 - Curated by GUP Magazine..


Alice de Kruijs is a contemporary and fine art photographer based in The Netherlands 

Her work frequently touches on the subject of Identity and diversity through location and with many of her subjects. Her work is a celebration of these differences in culture and ethnic pride. Her focus is fine-art and contemporary portraiture where she expresses her passion for the African continent. As her way of life, she loves to conceptually and symbolically tell stories. Usually by showing a different perspective on personal daily life and struggles that she experience. 

As a youth she was inspired by the analogue camera of my father, when growing up she kept  the interest for visual art and stories. As a teenager I started my interest in Fashion, later on would start studying at the Fashion Academie in Amsterdam. The period after that she worked in the fashion industry in Ghana, Africa and The Netherlands. Her love for Africa has always played a huge roll her my life, today she often goes to Ethiopia were she feels at home.  After 10 years she felt the need to visually tell her own story and stories that intrigue her through her camera. It has been only 3 years since she started to make conceptual and fine-art series. Alice works as well on location as in her on studio.



For inqueries concerning art prints, exhibitions, publications and commissioned assignments please email to [email protected]



University of Applied Photography, The Netherlands.
​AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, The Netherlands
Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi India

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