Hunted Woman


During a local summer festival I ended up with my friend in a theater show where two young women created a performance about the historic witch hunt. It started out with humor and some funny lines but it gradually moved to a more serious and even painfull show. The witch persecution we know from the past was slowly moved to the present. Even though the cruel witch persecution is a long time ago, there is a lifestyle in which women and girls today are so often are sexually & mentally abused. Gender equality and freedom is still a painful theme. The reality is that women need to live in this society where men are still dominant. The female empowerment movements came from a long way, equality, dignity and mutual respect is key to a better life for women and girls around the globe.

The black eggs represent the curse, the raven stands for spiritual transformation, the white wings for freedom, the snake for rebirth, the round bol  for the earth and finally the red color for passion and the female blood cycle


Model: Jeane
Model: Hadja
Designer: Mirte Engelhard
Photography: Alice de Kruijs

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