Alice de Kruijs



If we look to todays super powers I find it very alarming to see how little focus and prioraity there is to maintain our climate and the atural world around us. As a reflect to this situation, and politics, I strongly felt the need to express my opion and frustrations toward this matter. This body of work tells the story and expresses the vulnarebility and manupilation of the Western world. We want to use our natural surroudings for our own benefit, and don't think about the price we have to pay in the end. It´s origin is replaced by man made parks and man made resources. Besides, think about how much we owe to nature and how much we really give back to it. A lifestyle where humans and nature live together as one is far behind us. Thankfully, there are still communities living equally with nature, think about African tribes or Unuit cultures for example.

As a viaual artist I make work that expresses my frustrations, questions and struggles in life. In this particuarly work I want to show the damage and illusion that the Western world impose us with. It uses many chemicals that destroy nature, food, health and we human itself in the end. The Western way of life is disconnecting us with nature and the origin of humanity.

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